Jim Munro International Compliance Pty Limited is a professional engineering consultancy company focusing on safety. We bring many years of national and international experience to our work. Particular areas of expertise include the use of equipment in explosive atmospheres and plant safety in general.

Our company offers the following services:

Assistance to organisations on Ex certification

We can provide assistance to:

  • Users needing to find out whether equipment has appropriate certification.
  • Ex Manufacturers or importers wanting help in getting their equipment certified. This can cover achieving compliance with standards (through certifying and testing bodies) and product oriented quality management system development.
  • Ex manufacturers seeking to have their products accepted in other countries. We are very conversant with the certification requirements of critical markets such as the European ATEX requirements, and certification/approval systems in China for coal mining and non-mining industries. We can also assist through our extensive network of contacts and agreements.

Assessments of laboratories and certifying bodies

We are available to carry out assessments of Ex testing laboratories and certifying bodies. This will normally be done through the IECEx System or accreditation bodies.

We can also provide advice to those striving to achieve compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC Guide 65, or the newer ISO/IEC 17065.  A recent example of this is working with CQST in China to establish for them a new certifying body in the Netherlands – CNEX-Global (

Advice on standards’ developments

With an extensive background in the development of standards and active involvement in current programs we can bring you up-to-date with the latest requirements or developing trends, particularly at the international level.

Auditing of manufacturers

We can provide services to product certifying bodies seeking trained auditors in the Ex field to audit manufacturers, including initial and surveillance audits. This could be under the international IECEx Scheme, the Australian ANZEx Scheme or other schemes.


Training can be provided to help you and your staff better understand the complex field of explosion-protected equipment and hazardous areas.

Classification of hazardous areas

We can provide you with area classification to the relevant IEC or ANZEx standards for gas and dust areas.