IEC Technical Committee TC31 Equipment for explosive atmospheres

The committee concerned with development of the standards on equipment for explosive atmospheres at IEC is Technical Committee TC 31 Equipment for explosive atmospheres. The Secretariat for this committee is held by the UK.  Jim Munro (Managing Director of Jim Munro International Compliance Pty Ltd) was Chairman of the committee from 1979 to July 2014.  The current Chairman is Mark Coppler.

The scope of TC 31 is to prepare and maintain international standards relating to equipment for use where there is a hazard due to the possible presence of explosive atmospheres of gases, vapours, mists or combustible dusts.

TC 31 has 3 sub-committees, 9 working groups, 2 joint working groups, 12 maintenance teams and 2 ad-hoc working groups.  It has 34 participating countries, called P-members, and 13 observer countries. The subcommittees also have working groups, project teams and maintenance teams.

It is responsible for over 30 standards associated with hazardous areas.